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A ship is a type of vehicle employed all along the history of mankind, a maritime vessel that travels over the sea, rivers or lakes. Ships have various uses such as transport, warfare or entertainment.

Popeye's ship

Popeye's ship is often depicted as a moderately-sized sailboat. Sometimes, it is shown to be destroyed (as in Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor), indicating he needs to replace it at times. As for Popeye's ship's name, it has alternatively been called The Olive (as attested by Me Ship, the Olive); The Spinacher; Popeye's Ark (as shown in Popeye Saves the Earth, although such a name owes to the game's environmental theme); the ship bought by Castor Oyl for his trip to Dice Island was named The Tomcod, and was crewed solely by Popeye as he made his first appearance.


Any type or craft or machine able to fly into space. Employed when Popeye has traveled outside the Earth and into outer space, as he has done in comic books and cartoons, most notably in Popeye, the Ace of Space.


A battleship is a large, armored warship equipped with high-caliber guns. They were of great importance in the struggle for naval power during the first half of the XX century. Begun World War II, animated cartoons had Popeye join the U. S. Navy and become part of the crew of one such battleship.

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