Silly Hillbilly is Popeye's 166th theatrical cartoon, produced by Famous Studios in 1949.


Olive naked feet red toe nails

The barefoot Hillbilly Olive is given a beauty treatment by Popeye

As the cartoon begins, we are introduced to various country inhabitants, sound asleep on the hills. We are also introduced to Hillbilly Bluto and the local beauty, Hillbilly Olive. Soon enough, salesman Popeye arrives from the city driving his "Popeye's Department Store" truck, which he unfolds into an actual, large store full of modern appliances. Bluto is keen to try the modern products, but he destroys several of them in his inability to understand them. Olive also steps in, asking for the beauty salon and, after being tended to by the owner himself and given a makeover, she becomes enamored with Popeye. This enrages Bluto, her would-be suitor, who proceeds to attack Popeye. The latter easily repels the boulder and tree Bluto sends his way, but is then hammered into the shape of a bullseye. All the other hillbillies are tempted to try their aim at it/him while Bluto chases the backwoods beauty back into the store. Popeye is able to unfold his head and his spinach can and, strengthened, he sends the men back to sleep, defeats Bluto and rescues Olive from the vacuum cleaner her pursuer had trapped her in.


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