The Spinacher (also known as the Olive, the Popeye, Popeye's Ark, the Elsie or the Tomcod) is Popeye's trusty sailing vessel, which he has taken to many adventures throughout his life. The ship has been wrecked, rebuilt and renamed several times during Popeye's many voyages, but it often appears in the form of a moderately-sized sailboat or tugboat. The ship also occasionally serves as a home away from home for Popeye.

The ship has had many names as it was rebuilt over the years. The Spinacher is the most frequently used name in the comics and some media, but it has alternatively been called the Olive (as attested by Popeye and Son and Me Ship, the Olive) and Popeye's Ark (as shown in Popeye Saves the Earth, although such a name owes to the game's environmental theme). The ship has also been called the Elsie, in some modern media as an ode to Popeye's creator E. C. Segar. In the Fleischer Studios cartoons, Popeye's ship would go unnamed, but it would at least have his own name written on it somewhere. Originally, when the ship was bought by Castor Oyl for his trip to Dice Island, it was named the Tomcod and was crewed solely by Popeye as he made his first appearance.



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