Symphony spinach
Symphony in Spinach is Popeye's 160th theatrical cartoon, produced in 1948 by Famous Studios.


Reading Variety magazine, Both Bluto and Popeye notice a picture of Miss Olive along with text that reads "Miss Olive desires a good musician for her band. Must have class and double in brass". Lovestruck, both men race to her studio, on the top floor of a building, with Popeye arriving first after running up the stairs. His interview is violently interrupted by Bluto, who proceeds to show off his violin-playing aptitude to Miss Olive, while tickling her with the bow, until Popeye one-ups him with his dual playing skills. There follows a competition of instrument-playing and dame-wooing, with Bluto resorting to sabotage, which ends with the lady entraped in a tuba and the sailor coldly dismissed. His rival is happy to throw him into the mail chute, not before properly stamping him. Upstairs, a piano playing session devolves into Miss Olive trying to stop the larger man's advances with a slap, but her resistance is futile. Popeye can hear all this happening while trapped in the mail compartment below, with no way out. Using his pipe as a flashlight, he notices a free spinach sample among all the letters. With the might of an entire orchestra in his muscles, he slides up the chute and liberates the disheveled Olive. Bluto is not as easily dispatched by the power of spinach as usual, but the hero keeps on playing various instruments while stopping his enemy's attempts at revenge. Finally, Bluto smashes a piano upon him, to no effect, and is knocked out and made an accessory to Popeye's new one-man band, to Miss Olive's delight.

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