The nutty hypnotist
The 'Hyp-Nut-Tist' is Popeye's 21st theatrical cartoon from Fleischer Studios, released in 1935.


The Hypnotist (who looks very much like Bluto but with larger, bulging eyes) performs before a full theater audience which is joined by Popeye and Olive. After the sailor voices his doubts about the performer's levitation tricks, the Hypnotist asks for a volunteer, specifically, Olive. She declines, but the trickster uses his powers to drag her onstage, controlling her movements, and proceeds to make her behave like a chicken - even laying an egg. Disgusted by Olive's humiliation, Popeye says "That's all I can stand, 'cos I can stand no more!" and runs to punch the hypnotist, but the latter controls his arms and makes him strike himself. Popeye is then able to use a mirror to reflect the hypnotic waves so that the trickster ends up becoming a monkey, but he recovers after falling from a prop tree. Popeye is then turned into a jackass and later immobilized, allowing the Hypnotist to punch him at will. The downed sailor then eats his spinach, enabling him to brush the hypno-waves aside then use his opponent's own turban to make him bounce to and from his fists. Her abuser now defeated, Olive is also given a punch by Popeye to make her go back to normal.

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