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The Phantom Crusher
Phantom Crusher
Lil' Horsey
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Boxer
A farm
Production Information
First Appearance The Phantom Crusher

The Phantom Crusher was a masked, powerful and beastly boxer working for George W. Geezil for the purpose of destroying J. Wellington Wimpy in a boxing match to quench Geezil's thirst for revenge on the eternal moocher.

Character history

Creation and development

The Phantom Crusher was created for the third issue of IDW Publishing's Popeye comic series, titled "The Phantom Crusher" in 2012.


The Phantom Crusher

The Phantom Crusher was "recruited" by George W. Geezil after Wimpy had mooched off of him one too many times. That night, Geezil and the Phantom Crusher challenged Wimpy in public knowing that he could not refuse the challenge publicly without looking chicken. Geezil then expressed his delight in looking forward to finally seeing Wimpy get crushed in the ring.

On the night of the big match, the Phantom Crusher looked mightier than ever and instantly pounced on the helpless Wimpy who stood no chance against the beastly boxer's might. After Popeye noticed a horse shoe fall out of one of the Phantom Crusher's gloves, he realized that Geezil and him were cheating. He then stepped into the ring himself to take Wimpy's place and after a surprisingly mighty brawl, Popeye was able to KO the big lummox, knocking his mask off in the process, but only to reveal that the Phantom Crusher was actually a horse, much to the shock of everyone present. Despite the shock, Popeye quickly got back to his senses and realized that this bucking bronco wasn't even human making it so Wimpy never even stood a change against him. Popeye then confronted Geezil for his cheating antics. However Wimpy chose to forgive Geezil and decided to adopt the Phantom Crusher. Two kind deeds that were met with shock by the audience, leaving everyone impressed and in disbelief of Wimpy's charitable attitude. Later on though, it is revealed that Wimpy planned to trade his "Lil' Horsey" for a cow at a local farm in hopes of making a fresh batch of hamburgers out of one.

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