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Popeye's Life Story

The Private Life of Popeye, or, Popeye's Life Story is a short series of promotional spots released in March 1931 by King Features Syndicate to increase publicity for their now famous sailor Popeye and his comic strip Thimble Theatre. The short pieces contained detailed info, trivia and artwork from E. C. Segar about Popeye's personality, his looks and his past from the moment of his birth to the day he became a sailor, most of it written from Popeye's perspective as though he were telling his life's story to an interviewer.


Chapters 1 through 4 detail Popeye's life history from his infancy to his teenage years, going from orphan to sailor in 12 years. Chapter 1 details his infancy from birth to age 4, where he is an orphan with no family. Chapter 2 details his life from age 4 to 6 as a poor street tough who is taken in by a man named Whaler Joe. Chapter 3 details Popeye at 12 years of age and his first time as a sailor aboard the Josie Lee. Chapter 4 focuses on explaining Popeye's personality a bit, as well as flaunting his might and chivalrous nature. Chapter 5 is the last and serves as a questionnaire section with Popeye answering questions about his personality, views and personal trivia, however, he misunderstands almost every question, giving either nonsensical answers to questions he thinks he understands or trying to avoid questions he does not understand.

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