2alarm fire
The Two-Alarm Fire is Popeye's 15th theatrical short, released in 1934 and produced by Fleischer Studios.


The Volunteer Fire Department comprises both "Company C" and "Company D", which consist only of Bluto and Popeye, respectively. Both firemen sing about their abilities while attacking each other. Meanwhile, Olive Oyl's large house catches fire, and she eventually takes refuge on the roof; it is one of the flames themselves who activates the alarm that sounds at both Companies C and D. Popeye and Bluto carry their own wagons to the fire site themselves, employing different hydrants to go into a target practice against the flames. Envious of Popeye's better success, Bluto begins a water-fight, but soon loses it. When Popeye notices the trapped lady on the roof and tries to reach her using his ladder, he is sabotaged by his competitor and left knocked-out. Bluto's attempt to rescue Olive fails, ending with the two trapped among the flames and fainting. Seeing this, Popeye eats his spinach to rapidly climb up then bring the pair down to safety. He gently revives Olive, then Bluto, then punches the latter out. Popeye proceeds to blow out the fire from the remains of Olive's house.

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