Wimpy the Werewolf

"The Wiffle Bird's Revenge" is a 1961 episode of the Popeye the Sailor TV series.


The story begins in the Rough House Cafe, where Popeye refuses to let Wimpy mooch him again. As a dejected and hungry Wimpy wanders the park, he spots a "tasty-looking" bird and hopes to make a hamburger out of it. He soon finds out that the bird is none other than Bernice the Wiffle Bird who in anger curses Wimpy, making it so that whenever Wimpy hears or says the word "hamburger", he will transform into a vicious werewolf. After the Wiffle Bird flies off, a confused Wimpy utters the cursed word and is instantly changed into a hulking wolf-man who then goes on a rampage. Word quickly spreads through town, even appearing in the news. Back at the Rough House Cafe, Rough House and Popeye hear the news report of the mysterious werewolf's attacks. Suddenly, the cafe is attacked by none other than the werewolf, who Popeye quickly pursues. After chasing the beast to the park, he finds Wimpy (who has transformed back due to consuming a burger). Popeye then enquires to the location of the werewolf but Wimpy (who has no recollection of his transformation) exclaims that he has seen no such creature but his statement is soon followed by a request for a hamburger, which transforms him back into the wolf much to Popeye's shock. After escaping from the transformed Wimpy, Popeye runs into Bernice, who tells him what Wimpy did. Popeye then begs Bernice to undo the curse, and she accepts, but only if Popeye can hold the beast still. Popeye then peruses his trusty can of spinach and knocks out Wimpy, allowing Bernice to undo her spell. With things back to normal, Wimpy once again tries to mooch Popeye, but the sailor cuts him off before he can say the name of his favorite snack, just in case the spell has not yet completely worn off.

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