Uranians are a race of aliens from the planet Uranus which appeared in the comic strip "The Others or-- A Weird Meeting of the Unascertained".

Cloning Device

The Uranian cloning machine.

They are an advanced species of cloners whose entire population consists entirely of clones made from the big toe of their great-great-great grandfather. They travel the universe looking for signs of other intelligent life to interact with. Because the entire species is nothing but clones, they have no understanding of things like compassion or family, and see their own "brothers" as expendable and easily replaceable, and have no issues with evaporation unwanted duplicates despite being genuinely alive. However they are not mean-spirited and simply lack the understanding for emotions. Uranians are also familiar with Jeeps which they refer to as Gerfs, however they believe them to have gone extinct 2,000,000 years ago.

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