Similarity's between Is My Palm Read & Wild Elephinks (1933)

This little post is on two cartoons from Betty Boop & Popeye.

  • Wild Elephinks (1933) (Released on the 29th of December)
  • Is My Palm Read (1933) (Released on the 17th of Feb, months before Popeye)

Both cartoons were released in 1933 and seem to have the same reference.  I'm not sure if anyone has noticed before but they seem to be in the same place only in different times. In both of the cartoons series the main characters have some sort of interaction with a wave.


There seem to be many references between both cartoons, particularly in the Popeye series.   For example in the (1940) Popeye cartoon "Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive" they use the same song from the (1938) Betty Boop cartoon "So Does an Automobile".

Betty Boop

In Betty Boop's "Is My Palm Read" Betty looks into her future through a crystal ball and see's that she will be stranded on a island. When she gets close to the island on her rubber boat/float a wave pushes her underneath the water, then the wave slaps her on her behind.  She walks into the jungle area and seems to then loose her clothes and is seen in her underware.


In Popeye's "Wild Elephinks" which was also released in the same year Popeye and Olive land on a island, but instead of being thrown overboard the wave helps them and then instead of slapping any behinds it shakes Popeye's hand.  They then walk into the jungle area and Olive Oyl grabs her underware which were used to sail the ship.  (Olive Oyl was a character that was used for Comedy, when any sexual reference, or pun was made with Olive they could get away with it, because it was done as a joke and looked quite funny)

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