I wanted to start this new topic to discus the best practices to rename/move a page. I have never made any contributions to the code of this community so I don't what goes on behind the scenes with this process.

I do know it creates a redirect page and creates an entry in the Special:Log/move page. I have also noticed that it alters links in other pages (e.g. [ [ Old_Name | New_Name ] ]. I have also noticed that it takes some time to complete the process. I have worked on development team with other wiki software so there can be many other tasks as well.

My main concern is this:

Should any contributors alter the page links created by this process? My experience with other software lead me to think it shouldn't be altered. Changing it could possibly cause issues with administration, functionality and security concerns.

I will not discuss any details about the last item to avoid giving any ideas to whatever unscrupulous yes that may find this posting. Some of the administrative issues could lead to broken links, loosing page history or navigation problems. This can be a big concern without an administrator.

Some of the functionality issues could lead to even bigger problems. These problems can be the process with future renaming functions, the revert function on the Special:Log/move page, automated community processes, future software updates and maybe more.

Does anyone have any comments?

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