W'ere on Our Way to Rio is Popeye's 125th theatrical cartoon, produced by Famous Studios, which was released on April 21, 1944.


Navy sailors Popeye and Bluto sing about going on their way to Rio, riding a bull together through the Brazilian jungle. After a lengthy trip, they reach the city and enter a Cafe where main attraction Olive Oyl does a song and dance number. Bluto's effusive displays are ignored as Olive is only interested in the more bashful Popeye. As Olive's number ends, Bluto grooms and offers himself to her, but the lady keeps flirting with Popeye while she sings again near the sailors' table. In order to get rid of the competition, Bluto falsely presents his companion as a "champion samba dancer" in order to humiliate him. At Olive's insistence, the awkward dancer does as best as he can while trying to dodge the spotlight that is aimed at him. Everybody, most noticeably Bluto, laughs at his display so Popeye decides to eat his spinach, soon gaining the power of maracas and great dancing prowess. He also stops Bluto's attempts to sabotage him and proceeds to beat up his would-be rival. Popeye and Olive dance together until their blinding speed causes them to switch their clothes.

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