The Whiffle Bird

The Whiffle Birds (or Wiffle Birds, also known as African Escape Hens) are rare and lucky little birds from Africa that have the power to bring good luck to anyone that rubs their feathers and also greatly boost their confidence. The Whiffle Bird is named as such because it frequently blurts out the world "Whiffle!".

The most notable member of the species is Bernice, who was once owned by Castor Oyl. Bernice was a gift from Castor's uncle Lubry Kent and she was used to win him millions at Dice Island. She would remain by her master's side for some time until he journeyed to Africa, where she met a male Whiffle Bird and fell in love, thus leaving her master to be with her new mate.


  • Whiffle Birds seem to have an opposite in the form of the Boo-Birds, who instead discourage others and drain their energy instead of giving them good luck and satisfaction.

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