Wild 04
Wild Elephinks is Popeye's fifth cartoon, created by Fleischer Studios and released in 1933.


Popeye and Olive Oyl are castaways braving the waves and hostile fish onboard a small raft, until they are deposited to shore by a friendly wave. However, they have arrived at a dangerous jungle, full of savage animals - including a huge, wild elephant. The beast attacks Popeye, but is defeated by a mighty punch to the head. While the hero was fighting the beast, however, Olive was grabbed and carried away by a gorilla. Popeye gives chase, and makes short work of the ape, yet many animals gather to prey on the two castaways. After dealing with the lion king and a boa, Popeye receives his spinach can from Olive to recover. Since elephants never forget, the one hit by Popeye comes back for revenge but the empowered sailor tosses it away to sink a small island nearby. He then finishes off the hordes of other beasts, turning them into fur coats that Olive prompty wears. Popeye mistakes her for an ape and hits her, then receives a punch himself.

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