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"Wilder Than Usual Blue Yonder" is an episode from The All-New Popeye Hour's "The Adventures of Popeye" segment for Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with King Features Syndicate. It first aired on October 21, 1978 . The producer was Art Scott and it was directed by George Gordon, Carl Urbano and Rudy Zamora. Popeye was voiced by Jack Mercer, Olive Oyl was voiced by Marilyn Schreffler and Bluto was voiced by Allan Melvin.


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Popeye has just restored an old biplane and wants to take Olive for a ride. She strongly objects to the offer because it does not look very sky-worthy. Popeye must drag her out of the hangar in an attempt to persuade her, but she still refuses and climbs up a flagpole for protection.

Popeye then tries to demonstrate the plane is safe with a series of aerial stunts. He buzzes the flag pole, performs high speed dives and does his own style of skywriting. Olive is still less than convinced. His acrobatics do, however, attract Bluto in his fancy new plane.

Bluto starts to use his propeller to cut Popeye's tail rudder. Popeye evades this action by generating a smoke screen and taking his plane into another dive. He then barnstorms the hangar and snags Olive on his wing. He climbs out on the wing to get her into the plane with a combination of unique loops and barrel rolls.

Popeye and Bluto continue to show off with a double loop that causes Olive and Bluto to change planes. Olive flies the plane into a tunnel followed by Popeye and Bluto. They are all chased back out by a train. During the U-turn in the tunnel, Olive somehow ends up back in Popeye's plane and Bluto in his.

Bluto then slices off the bottom of Popeye's plane with his propeller. This causes Olive to fall out the bottom. Popeye throws Olive a parachute and flies through a supermarket. He picks up some spinach for himself and his plane. The spinach transforms his plane into a jet so he can destroy Bluto's aircraft with some high speed passes.

Olive parachutes safely to the ground and Popeye lands his jet as it turns back into a biplane. Olive surprisingly jumps back in his plane and she starts to show off with some of her own high flying tricks.

Episode details

This segment was from episode 7 in the series, aired in season 1, episode 7 of The All-New Popeye Hour. Below is a list of the other segments for this episode.

Segment Title Seg #
The Adventures of Popeye "Wilder Than Usual Blue Yonder" 7A
Health Tip Electricity 7B
Popeye's Treasure Hunt "Play It Again Popeye" Pt 1 7C
Dinky Dog "Dinky the Movie Star" 7D
Health Tip Bathroom Safety 7E
Popeye's Treasure Hunt "Play It Again Popeye" Pt 2 7F

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