Popeye - Ye Olde Popeye (1989)

Ye Olde Popeye (released in 1989) is a UK VHS video compilation of Popeye cartoons that contains nine All-New Popeye Hour episode segments, from both The Adventures of Popeye and Prehistoric Popeye.


The episodes included in this collection share a theme of adventures in days past.


  1. "Popeye's Roots"
  2. "Westward Ho Ho!"
  3. "Chilly Con Caveman"
  4. "Come Back, Little Stegosaurus"
  5. "Mother Goose on the Loose"
  6. "The Midnight Run of Popeye Revere"
  7. "Vegetable Stew"
  8. "Neanderthal Nuisance"
  9. "Popeye on the Klondike"